Atv Safety Courses In Ohio

Riding ATVs is becoming a popular family activity.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources regulates all terrain vehicle (ATV) use, according to Basic safety requirements for riding ATVs in Ohio include wearing a helmet, having a proper title and registration, and having a driver’s license or motorcycle license. These requirements vary depending on the type of property where you ride. The best way to ensure protection from harm is to take an ATV safety course.

ATV RiderCourse

The ATV Safety Institute offers a half day of training with the ATV RiderCourse. This hands-on training includes everything you need to know about ATVs, including the pre-ride inspection, maneuvering your ATV, riding on hills and over obstacles, emergency stops, safety gear, local regulations and where to ride.

Requirements for the training course include an ATV with the owner’s manual, a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles or face shield, gloves, long-sleeved shirt, pants and over-the-ankles boots.

The training courses are offered in several Ohio locations, including Troy, Reno, Springfield, New Springfield, Mount Vernon and Bellaire. Contact the ATV Safety Institute to find a location near you. You may qualify for free or discounted training with the purchase of a new ATV.

ATV Safety Institute

2 Jenner, Suite 150

Irvine, California 92618-3806


Ohio ATV World

Ohio ATV World offers year-round training with ATV rentals in the Hocking Hills State Park region. In this program, you can rent an ATV and receive safety training. You must demonstrate that you have learned the information in the beginner’s area before you are permitted to ride trails. All equipment, including a helmet, is provided and eye protection is available for an extra fee. Like other programs, you should wear long pants and long sleeves.

Although the company rents ATVs and operates trails in the Wayne National Forest region, it is recommended to get the beginner’s training in the Hocking Hills region. The Wayne National Forest region is for intermediate and advanced riders only.

Ohio ATV World

15155 Sauerkraut Rd.

Logan, Ohio 43138


ATV Traction Youth Safety Training Program

The ATV Trail Riders Advocating Conservation To Increase Opportunities Nationwide (Traction) offers a youth ATV safety training course for those ages eight to 15 years old. Although this organization has chapters in Ashtabula, Ohio, it mostly operates in nearby areas of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania law requires that all youth have ATV safety training to ride outside of their home property.

This training program requires you to bring your own ATV, registration, proof of insurance, a DOT-approved helmet, goggles and gloves, over-the-ankles boots, and long pants and long-sleeved shirt.

ATV Traction Youth Safety Training Program