Avoid Burning Your Clothes On A Harley Exhaust

Harley Davidson exhaust

Motorcycle riding, especially on a Harley-Davidson, can be fun but it can also be tragic if the proper safety precautions are not taken. While most riders are well aware of the dangers on the road, many overlook the dangers lurking on their bike. The metal exhaust system that runs on either side of most motorcycles can reach extremely high temperatures. These hot pipes have the ability to swiftly burn through clothing. Ensure that you avoid burning your clothes on a Harley exhaust by taking appropriate safety measures.


1. Avoid loose-fitting clothes that can rest against the exhaust and catch fire. Harley-Davidson motorcycles generally have less horse power than other motorcycles because the average customer enjoys the experience of riding for pleasure rather than speed. For this reason, the pipe system on most Harley-Davidson bikes tend to be smaller than other manufactured bikes. You still need to use precautions against burns but there is less pipe to avoid.

2. Put on flame-retardant clothing before riding on a motorcycle. This will prevent burns from occurring or turning into flames if clothing does come into contact with the hot exhaust system.

3. Wear boots that are high enough to cover the lower portion of your pants. Leather takes more time to scorch than common clothing fabric so an occasional brush against the exhaust pipes likely won’t damage them. Harley-Davidson sells a variety of riding boots.

4. Use extreme caution when getting on or off of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as these are the times when most exhaust burns occur, according to the Burns Journal. Be aware of where your body and clothing are in relation to the exhaust.

5. Inform passengers to keep their legs positioned away from the muffler. On a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, that means to hold your knees in an outward direction, so the calves and thighs aren’t touching any pipes..

6. Apply protective exhaust tape over areas that are likely to accidentally come into contact with clothing or skin. Exhaust tape is a heat-resistant adhesive covering for exhaust pipes.