Avoid Motorcycle Helmet Hair

Motorcycle gear

Motorcyclists wear helmets to protect their skulls when riding down the open road. Since helmets are tight fitting, they cause hair to flatten or conduct static. “Helmet hair,” or helmet head, is a concern for many riders. When removing the helmet at the destination, you’ll feel dismay at the look of your hair. Visiting the local bike shop or pharmacy and purchasing a couple of items can help win the war against helmet hair. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Braid your hair or tie it back in a ponytail. These two hairstyles are flat to the head so the damage from the helmet is minimal. Use a heavy gel to slick down the bangs and the sides of your hair.

2. Wear a satin helmet liner or skullcap as a barrier in between your hair and the motorcycle helmet. Helmet liners and skullcaps are available in an array of patterns and colors and for sale online and in local bike shops.

3. Replace your current motorcycle helmet with a ventilated model. Ventilated helmets reduces perspiration, which weighs down your hair.

4. Shake out your hair upon removing the helmet. Apply baby powder or a dry shampoo to give the hair body and lift. Run a comb, brush or pick through your hair and spritz with hairspray to hold the style.