Be A Bmw Mechanic

A BMW mechanic is capable of maintaining BMWs so they continue to be a reliable means of transportation. A BMW mechanic is also proficient in providing repairs that may be necessary on a BMW. BMW mechanics may have different duties and responsibilities based on their employer. They may be required to repair only the computer system of the BMWs while others may be responsible for the more serious repair such as engine replacement and transmission. BMW repair shops have modern technology that ensures the mechanics are properly equipped with everything necessary to keep BMWs up to standard.


1. Obtain a degree in automotive mechanics. Some BMW employers will be willing to train you; however, having an associate degree in automotive mechanics increases your chances of being hired. Research local community colleges to determine if they offer degrees in automotive mechanics. Obtaining an associate degree usually takes about two years.

2. Consider obtaining an BMW associate degree. If you are in the Ashland, Massachusetts, or Charlotte, North Carolina, areas Massachusetts Bay Community College and Piedmont Community College offer a two-year academic program in BMW-specific courses. Obtaining a BMW associate degree may get you a job at a BMW facility more quickly than someone who just obtained a degree in automotive mechanics.

3. Complete a BMW Service Technician Education Program (STEP). Visit the BMW STEP website to locate a training location closest to you. One of the BMW STEP requirements is that you must be willing to relocate within a region where compensation is high for a BMW mechanic, which is justified by the rigorous training program. Training can be as little as 10 weeks to 24 weeks depending on how comprehensive the course is and how quickly you would like to complete the program.

4. Maintain a savings or have means of taking care of yourself while training. The BMW STEP is a rigorous program that prepares you to be skilled at repairing BMWs. The program suggests that you are able to take care of yourself financially while training. Research your current assets and savings to determine if this is possible.