Be A Firefighter In Alabama

Firefighters protect over 100 endangered and threatened species live in Alabama.

The state of Alabama expands over 52,000 square miles with flat, hilly, beachfront and marshland acreage. Firefighters in Alabama face periods of high humidity, soaring temperatures and must work in both rural and urban settings. Also called the “Heart of Dixie,” Alabama uses fire courses authorized by the U.S. Fire Administration. If you work well under pressure and like a team setting, you may be the right fit for firefighting in Alabama. All applicants must be 18 years of age and be a citizen of the United States.


1. Earn your high school diploma or GED. Some firefighting agencies don’t require these, but it may benefit you. Take some college courses to learn more about fire safety and management. These extra credentials may help you find employment faster.

2. Train yourself physically for the demands of firefighting. You must be able to carry heavy hoses long distances and carry an adult.

3. Enroll in EMT or paramedic training. Receive your certification.

4. Sign up for fire training at one of the state’s approved fire colleges. Take the entry level round of courses including Apparatus Operator, Incident Safety Officer Training and Firefighter I. Take the examination at the end of each tier of training. You must score a 70 or above and take all three tiers. The test is in two sections; a written exam and demonstrative skills testing.

5. Present your certification, along with your resume, to the fire house where you wish to apply. Be willing to work as a part-time firefighter until you are offered a full-time position.