Become A Harley Mechanic

The Harley-Davidson Co. prides itself on constructing sturdy, top-of-the-line motorcycles that both the novice and experienced rider can enjoy. Harley-Davidson motorcycles have complex engineering, which means you’ll need to take classes specifically designed for Harley-Davidson cycles to become a Harley mechanic. There are no degree programs associated with the training, but once you graduate you will have the opportunity to work in a Harley-Davidson shop.


1. Enroll in a college or trade school that offers motorcycle mechanics and specialization in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Most programs take two semesters to complete. (See Resources.)

2. Apply for an internship at a local Harley-Davidson dealer. Harley-Davidson does not require potential employees to complete an internship, but the internship serves as past experience that the employee can include on his resume.

3. Visit either your local Harley-Davidson dealer or the Harley-Davidson website to apply for current mechanic openings. Some dealerships may not have openings for a mechanic, but the manager should keep your information on file in case a position does open up.