Become A Harleydavidson Dealer

Owning a Harley-Davidson dealership comes with a financial price tag and a basic requirement — a dealer must love and participate in the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. Harley-Davidson is looking for dealers with the right combination of financial backing, understanding of retail management and verifiable business skills. Passion and general knowledge about motorcycles are also a must. Dealers must understand customers’ loyalty to the Harley-Davidson product and be willing to develop and nurture the relationship between customer and the dealer.


1. Visit the Harley-Davidson “Inquiry” page at the Harley-Davidson website. The “Inquiry” page is designed to answer your questions before you apply to be a dealer. Find out about minimum financial requirements, how dealership locations are chosen and how long the evaluation process may take.

2. View the available locations for dealer opportunities in the U.S. The Harley-Davidson website includes a list of opportunities organized by region. Dealerships are either new or the sellout of a pre-owned dealership.

3. Fill out a dealer application. Applications are available for download from the Inquiry page or from the link provided in the Resources section.

4. Wait for a contract from Harley-Davidson. Until a contract is signed, a dealership is not assured. The evaluation process can take up to 45 days or more to complete.