Become A Motorcycle Or A Car Model

Get yourself in motorcycle and car ads.

Going into a specialized field of modeling takes some initiative on your part. Modeling agents are typically unwilling to search only for a certain type of modeling job for you; they want someone who can do all types of jobs. If you want to become a motorcycle or car model, you must put yourself out there to find work on your own. You need networking skills to speak with owners of companies, models and photographers. Presenting yourself as a professional is the key to finding success.


1. Begin by examining motorcycle and car models who inspire you. You might want to groom your look after studying them; notice how your look is different from their look. Perhaps pick up a motorcycle calendar, or attend a calendar motorcycle show. For instance, the Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show provides you with a way to meet the models that are published in motorcycle magazines. Get in there, and ask them how they got their jobs.

2. Attend motorcycle and car model searches. The Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show permits girls to take part in the Calendar Kitten Model Search Pageant. You might land a spot just by showing up to the event.

3. Go to car shows to network with models and company owners. If you live in California, the Hollister Street Festival & Car Show is a unique car show that permits you to meet the owners of hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles. Network with people to let them know what you are interested in doing. Dress the part; they need to see that you are a model when they look at you.

4. Apply to be a motorcycle model with WMX Modeling. The company keeps a list of amateur and professional models who want to be on their website, which is geared towards women motorcycle riders. Being featured on a website can help you find more work modeling for calendars and print ads. Starting your resume with a link to a featured photo on a website can help.

5. Sign up for Model Mayhem, which provides you with a place to keep your photos. Upload five to 15 of your best photographs with or without motorcycles. The website lists auditions, which may be related to motorcycle and car modeling. You can also network with professional photographers who might have ins for you.