Become A Writer

Everyone wants to know become a paid writer. Here are some simple and effective steps to help you along the way.


Become A Writer

1. Read, absorb, and seek out new information from any source you can. Read blogs, television, rent films, read newspapers, listen to music, flip gossip mags or even read cereal box labels. Strive to widen your media view outside of your normal routine. This is essential as professional writers are highly competitive, educated and informed individuals. The more you have read and/or seen will prove useful later on in your career in your ability to draw inferences from seemingly un-related topics to illustrate your point.

2. Keep a personal journal or diary as a way to work on your craft. Many online journals help new writers by having them answer life-related questions or post articles on current events daily to integrate writing into your daily routine. Reproducing and formatting the events of your day will help you to reinforce your narrative voice and help you to have a visual reference to refer to as you are searching for your particular style or voice in your writing.

3. In the publishing world everybody pays their dues one way or another. It takes time. Do not be discouraged by low paying gigs, exposure is exposure as long as it is quality work. There are plenty of great websites than can help you perfect your skills and bring you up to date about what companies are looking for. It is a learning process, and remember the worst thing they can say is “no”.

4. Write about what you love. If you have to take occasional jobs that don’t interest you, at least try and make them unique and entertaining to read. Remember you are writing for a reading audience and your voice should be professional but not dry. If you aren’t interested in what you are writing about, neither will your reader. Talk about what you know, draw from personal experiences, hobbies, or other things you enjoy. Chances are that they are a whole worldwide group of people interested in the same thing you are. Find your niche and enjoy what you are doing. Money will come later but regardless of that, it is good practice and you will have a great portfolio.

5. Stick to an “umbrella topic” when approaching a personal blog. By this I mean if you are talking about kittens and classical music, more than likely your reader will not be interested in spark plugs and death metal. While this topic umbrella can be categorized as you go to fit what you are discussing, make sure you have a general central theme somewhere in there to draw ideas out of.