Become An Amsoil Dealer

AMSOIL was created using the same technology that creates jet engine oil and adapting the jet engine synthetic oil for use in other forms of vehicles. The AMSOIL line of products includes filters, fuel additives and other automotive products. AMSOIL oil products are available for trucks, racing cars, motorcycles, gear oil, 2-stroke engine oil and compressor oil. The opportunity for AMSOIL dealership is inexpensive and the cost of investment is up to you.


AMSOIL Independent Dealership

1. Request dealer information from AMSOIL by completing the request form provided at the AMSOIL website and, upon receipt of the information, pay for your business kit, which contains brochures, contracts, order forms and product catalog from AMSOIL (see Resources).

2. Locate an AMSOIL dealer near you through the website. Contact the dealer to complete your request to become an independent dealer. When your business kit arrives, you will be able to begin developing your independent dealership with AMSOIL (see Resources).

3. Sign into your back office on line with AMSOIL.Complete your profile, including your contact and payment information. AMSOIL provides you all the necessary training and marketing publications such as brochures, catalogs and tapes to promote your AMSOIL dealership. Read all the information provided by AMSOIL to become familiar with the products and the marketing techniques provided.

4. Use the marketing information such as the brochures and catalogs provided by AMSOIL, develop your website and begin marketing to the various automotive markets in your area. This can include motorcycle, small engine and auto repair shops. Contact these shop owners and provide them the AMSOIL product information and complete the order.