Become Bombardier Dealer

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., offers dealer opportunities for those who share BRP’s passion for powersports.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., (BRP) is an international company specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of recreational vehicles. BRP manufactures on four continents and offers recreational vehicles in over 16 countries with a large customer base built on loyalty to the BRP brand. BRP affords dealers a prominent role in securing and strengthening that customer relationship. BRP has strict qualification criteria for new dealers, involving a complex application process that begins with an online applicatiom. Depending on the needs of BRP and the individual merits of the application, the application process moves forward as directed by an assigned BRP representative.


1. Review all qualification criteria as set forth by BRP. Requirements include meeting financial criteria of $250,000 to invest and the ability to open a line of credit for $500,000; have a location that BRP deems viable to meet corporate goals for market penetration; have a dealer management system in place; retail location must have five computer workstations; and have a minimum of eight staff members. BRP publishes a complete list of all requirements on the BRP corporate website (see Resources).

2. Search all available dealership opportunities by submitting an inquiry to BRP corporate. Only candidates meeting all qualification criteria as outlined on the BRP website should make inquiries. Candidates will make the inquiry online by filling out a short form to provide contact information. A search box will appear requiring the candidate’s zip code. Input zip code and select search. If there is an opportunity, the application process begins. If there is not opportunity based on location, candidates receive immediate notification on-screen.

3. Complete the application by filling out all information accurately. The application process consists of 15 pages. Once applicants submit the application, candidates will likely receive a response from a BRP business principal authorized to sell a BRP powersports business.

4. Speak with the BRP representative who responds to the submitted application. Once BRP evaluates the application, BRP will assign a representative to correspond with the applicant to discuss dealer opportunities. The representative will provide all relevant details regarding opportunities and discuss next steps in the process.