Bicycle Mechanic Courses

Bicycle mechanics are taught at two institutions in the U.S.

Learning to be a bicycle mechanic usually begins at a local bicycle shop. There are, however, two major U.S. institutions that offer certification in professional bicycle maintenance: the United Bicycle Institute and the Barnett Bicycle Institute. Most American bicycle mechanics work their entire careers without attending either school, although many mechanics go to the institutes to take certification tests, applying the knowledge gained in a local shop. Many mechanics gain knowledge only through apprenticeship.

United Bicycle Institute

Oregon-based United Bicycle Institute (UBI) has locations in Ashland and Portland. It offers seminars and courses, lasting anywhere from two days to two weeks, that certify potential bicycle mechanics. Courses range from beginner — Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance — to advanced — Titanium Frame Building. Seminars include advanced certification and TIG welding. UBI suggests several local lodging arrangements within walking or riding distance of each location, and both branches are near several bicycle trails.

United Bicycle Institute

P.O. Box 128

Ashland, OR 97520


Barnett Bicycle Institute

Barnett Bicycle Institute is located in Colorado Springs, Colo. Barnett offers several courses in bicycle maintenance, from Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance to Managing the Service Department, and its entire course schedule is offered in 26-day cycles, as well as individually or in smaller groups. Barnett offers hotel-quality accommodations in facilities attached to the institute’s learning facilities. Several bicycle paths are available for use in the Colorado Springs area.

Barnett Bicycle Institute

2725 Ore Mill Road #23

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


USA Cycling Race Certification Clinics

USA Cycling certifies bicycle mechanics for race mechanic work. The USA Cycling-certified mechanic staff operates the certification clinics that train students in caravan and motorcycle support, pit setup, proper washing technique and various other race skills most mechanics do not come into contact with working at the local bicycle shop. USA Cycling encourages race mechanics to obtain CPR and first-aid certification for mechanic and athlete safety.

James Stanfill

Team Operations and Equipment Manager

USA Cycling

210 USA Cycling Point

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


(719)434-4328 (fax)