Bike Exhaust Tips

Exhaust tips can complete the look of a customized motorcycle.

When someone looks at a motorcycle, one of the defining features is the exhaust. Exhaust tips, while they do not enhance a bike’s performance, add a custom look to a motorcycle. A stylish tip on the end of an exhaust pipe is the kind of detail that adds personal flair to any bike.

Baron Exhaust Tips

Baron Custom Accessories sells 13 different exhaust tips for motorcycles. Most of those are in a slash cut, including the three Family Jewels Baron brand exhaust tips. The Baron tips are bolt-on style, and are easily installed on any Baron exhaust system. On other exhaust systems, a small hole must be drilled into the exhaust pipe for proper installation. Like most exhaust tips, the Baron brand tips are sold individually, so for dual exhaust pipes you will have to purchase two. The other 10 exhaust tips sold by Baron are from LA Choppers. The LA Choppers tips are installed the same way as the Baron tips. All LA Chopper tips are sold individually, except for the Rinehart tips for the Harley Touring Mode.

Kuryakyn Tips

Kuryakyn produces two different exhaust tips. The Kuryakyn fishtail style takes the traditional fishtail to another level by adding a side pinch in the metal, creating an exaggerated curve. The other style is referred to as the “six gun,” which is made to resemble the chamber of a revolver handgun when looked at straight on. The tip is tapered and there are six indentations around the pipe, which resemble individual bullet chambers. Both tips are clamp-on style for universal installation. As of September 2010, tips are $149.99 per pair.

Vince & Hines Slip-ons

While exhaust tips do not affect the performance or sound of a bike, slip-ons will. A slip-on does not attach to the existing exhaust pipe, but replaces it; the exhaust system stays intact while the entire pipe is replaced. Vine & Hines manufacture hundreds of different slip-ons for six different motorcycle and dirt bike manufacturers. Most of the slip-ons manufactured for street bikes, like the Harley Davidson, are equipped with stylized tips. Slip-ons cost a considerable amount more money than tips alone, but they will affect the sound and performance of a bike. Basic slip-ons for a Harley Touring start at about $250 and go up to around $780 (as of September 2010).