Bluetooth To A Tv

Bluetooth technology can now be used with most televisions, even if it is not already installed.

Bluetooth technology emerged in the 20th century as a wireless connection device that revolutionized the way people communicate. As of 2010, the technology now exists to connect a Bluetooth ready device to your television, allowing you to talk, text, view video and picture slideshows with the use of Bluetooth. Some televisions even come with Bluetooth options already installed. However, if your current TV does not have built-in Bluetooth options you can quickly upgrade your television with a Bluetooth adapter.


1. Purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your television that has a 3.5 mm port. You can find one of these on Sourcing Map. Other electronics stores like Best Buy, Radioshack, Circuit City, or also sell Bluetooth adapters for your TV. As of 2010, Bluetooth adapters range from $30 to $50 in price.

2. Charge the Bluetooth adapter for 2 to 3 hours. Adapters use different chargers. The Bluetooth from Sourcing Map uses a USB charger, which you plug into your computer USB port to charge. Others come with power adapters that plug into the wall. Once charged, your Bluetooth adapter can work up to four hours with your television.

3. Connect your Bluetooth adapter to your television through the stereo plug. Once plugged in, your television will emit a Bluetooth signal and is ready to connect to your other Bluetooth-enabled device.

4. Turn on your television. After plugging in your Bluetooth adapter, turn the volume up on your TV and set the input to a video or DVD channel on your television’s options. This is so your Bluetooth sound and video does not interfere with a TV show or other sound.

5. Turn on your second Bluetooth device, such as your mobile phone or laptop computer. Set the device’s Bluetooth settings to discoverable and check to see if your adapter is properly working with your television. It should pick up your second Bluetooth device and start streaming automatically.