Bluetooth To My Motorcycle Helmet

Music, phone, bike-to-bike chat and GPS navigation are all possible with Bluetooth on your helmet.

Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth kits are easily installed and preserve the safety integrity of your helmet. Deciding what Bluetooth capabilities you want such as solo rider, rider with passenger, or bike- to-bike communication along with desired functionality i.e. phone, intercom, music and GPS may take longer than the actual installation itself. Most kits can be installed in less than one hour.


1. Attach the headset clamp to the helmet. Position this clamp so the microphone will be placed in front of your mouth for best communication.

2. Place the internal helmet speakers inside the helmet making sure that they are recessed and do not damage the integrity of the internal helmet padding. This is a simple Velcro attachment.

3. Put on and take off the helmet several times to make sure everything is positioned properly. Full face and full face flip-up helmets require the microphone be placed so it does not interfere with the helmet.