Bmw R1150r Specifications

The BMW R1150R is a standard motorcycle or “naked bike” designed with versatility in mind. Outfitted with a powerful four-stroke engine and technical innovations like BMW’s patented Motorrad suspension, the R1150R provides a safe and comfortable ride for both full-throttle bikers and those who prefer a more laid-back experience.


The BMW R1150R has a 68.95-cubic-inch, four-stroke, two-cylinder boxer engine that is capable of generating 83.81 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and producing 72.3 foot-pounds of torque at 5,250 rpm. The engine is both air and oil cooled and has a 4-inch bore combined with a 2.8-inch stroke and placing it in the long-stroke engine category.


Sport-like shifting on the R1150R is achieved by a six-speed close-ratio cardan shaft drive transmission.


The front suspension on the R1150R consists of a BMW Motorrad Telelever with central strut and adjustable rebound dampening. The rear suspension uses a die-cast aluminum single-sided swinging arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever, central strut, and adjustable rebound dampening. In total, there are 4.7 inches of travel in the front and 5.3 inches of travel in the rear.


The R1150R is equipped with 12.6-inch double-disc front brakes and a 10.9-inch single-disc rear brake.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel tank on the R1150R can hold up to 5.42 gallons.


The R1150R is 85.4 inches long, 36.2 inches wide, 43.2 inches high, and has a wheelbase of 58.5 inches. The curb weight of the motorcycle is 526.9 lbs.