Boost A Motorcycle Battery

Boost a motorcycle’s battery with a charger.

A charged battery is imperative to a working motorcycle. Even the newest and most expensive motorcycle will not operate without a battery that has enough charge in it. As motorcycle batteries age, they tend to lose their charge at a faster pace. Boosting a motorcycle’s battery is an important part of proper maintenance. This can be done with a minimal amount of effort, when using the right tools.


1. Review motorcycle battery chargers on motorcycle parts and service web sites. One such site is JP Cycles (see Resources.) Some things to look for are the amount of time it takes to charge and the cost. A popular battery charger is the Battery Tender JR. This will not only boost the battery’s charge, but also keep it at the required level.

2. Read in the owners manual properly access the motorcycle battery for your specific bike. In many cases, the battery is under the seat, or it may be located behind a cover on the side of the bike. Unscrew the screws that hold the positive and negative wires, and gently take the battery out of its compartment. There may be a rubber strap that needs to be unhooked as well.

3. Plug the charger’s electrical cord into an electric socket. Clamp the red jumper cable onto the battery’s positive terminal and the black cable onto the battery’s negative terminal. The positive terminal is labeled with a “+” and the negative is labeled with a “-” (plus and minus.) The light on the charger will be red while it is charging and turn green when fully charged (as is the case with the Battery Tender JR.)

4. Unclamp the clamps from the battery. Place the battery back into its compartment and screw the positive and negative wires into their respective terminals. Replace the cover and/or seat according to the motorcycle’s owner manual. Start your bike and ride with the confidence of knowing you have a full battery again.