Boot Clonezilla Live In Virtualbox

Clonezilla Live is a free CD image that contains a Linux distribution with Clonezilla — a disk copying utility — pre-installed. Using the CD image, you can create a clone of your computer’s hard drive. You can also create a clone of a virtual machine‘s hard disk by loading the CD image in VirtualBox. Download the Clonezilla Live CD image and add it to the VirtualBox storage tree to use it on a virtual machine and clone the machine’s virtual hard disk.


1. Navigate to the download page for Clonezilla Live at Click the “Download an ISO file for CD/DVD” link, then click “Download stable releases (.iso/.zip)” on the following page.

2. Click the “Download clonezilla-live-20110922-natty.iso (110.1 MB)” link at the top of the page and save the file “clonezilla-live-20110922-natty.iso” to the desktop. Note that the version number contained in the file name is subject to change as future versions of Clonezilla Live are released.

3. Launch Oracle VM VirtualBox. Right-click the virtual machine that you want to boot Clonezilla Live on, then select “Settings.”

4. Click “Storage” on the left side of the Settings window.

5. Click the icon for the virtual machine’s optical drive under “Storage Tree,” then click the disc icon under “Attributes.”

6. Click “Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file,” then double-click the file “clonezilla-live-20110922-natty.iso” on the desktop.

7. Click “OK” and double-click the virtual machine to turn it on. The virtual machine boots from the Clonezilla Live disk image automatically. If you have changed the virtual machine’s settings to prevent it from booting from the optical drive, press “F12” to change the boot device.

8. Select “Clonezilla Live” at the top of the startup menu and press “Enter” to boot the virtual machine.