Boy Graduation Party Ideas

Choosing a theme for a graduation party for a boy can be challenging, but centering it around his interests or hobbies can increase the chance of having a successful party. Decorate for the party by using photographs of your child participating in his favorite activities. Determine if the party will be formal or casual, based on the interests and preferences of your son as well as the food items to be served. Does this Spark an idea?

Sports Theme

Consider a sports-themed party for the graduate, especially if he played sports in college. Decorations can include photographs of him during games, team photographs or newspaper clippings referring to him or his team. If he was able to keep his team uniform, you can have the uniform framed and display it at the party. Another option is to have the party at a sporting event for his favorite professional team of the sport that he played. Professional teams have party facilities or private suites that individuals can rent during a game for various occasions, such as a graduation party.

Motorcyles/Harley Davidson Theme

Graduation parties do not have to be formal; they can be casual and designed to match the interests of the graduate. If he is a big fan of Harley Davidson or motorcycles in general, have a party with that theme. This can be a nice contrast to the corporate world that he might be getting ready to enter. Invite all the guests to show up in jeans and t-shirts, preferably ones with a Harley Davidson or motorcycle theme. Decorate the party location with posters that use the Harley Davidson theme. If the graduate has his own motorcycle, include photographs of him riding it. You can even purchase Harley Davidson-themed party supplies.

Poker Party

Celebrate your student’s graduation with a poker-themed party. Invite a group of his friends and his family members to a meal and poker tournament. Serve finger food and sandwiches that can be eaten while playing cards. Instead of playing for money, use some of your graduation party budget to purchase prizes for the poker party. Make it interesting: have prizes for the first player eliminated, the one that wins the most hands and the players that finish in the top three to five places in the tournament. For those that are eliminated early, have the food set-up buffet-style to allow them to eat while watching the remaining players in the tournament.