Break In Motorcycle Brake Shoes

Break in Motorcycle Brake Shoes

Properly breaking-in new brake pads on your motorcycle is of utmost importance. Even if the pads are changed out in your local motorcycle shop and not in your own garage, it remains paramount for you to ensure that this process is followed. The breaking-in or “bedding-in” as mechanics call it, ensures that your newly installed brakes will perform to optimum standards. Luckily, these maneuvers are reasonably easy for today’s rider to perform.


1. Start your motorcycle. Warm it up to proper operating temperature before beginning. Travel to an out-of-the-way location, away from other traffic to proceed with the process.

2. Accelerate to approximately 60 mph. Firmly apply the brakes to decelerate down to 10 mph. Do not come to a complete stop and do not lock the brakes. Speed back up to 60 mph and repeat this process for a total of eight stops.

3. Repeat the process of eight stops if you are using performance brakes or simply wish to ensure proper bedding-in. However, cruise around long enough to allow the brakes to completely cool first.