Break In New Brake Pads On A Harley

Break in New Brake Pads on a Harley

Properly breaking in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can add years to its life. Observing maintenance intervals, maintaining a moderate riding style and allowing the front and rear brakes to properly “bed-in” are important parts to caring for your new ride. This “bedding-in” is the process whereby newly installed brake pads are properly conditioned for good braking on your motorcycle. It will allow you to achieve maximum effectiveness and lifespan out of your new brakes.


1. Start the bike and allow it to heat up to appropriate riding temperature.

2. Accelerate to 60 mph in a safe riding environment. Firmly apply the brakes to decelerate to approximately 10 mph. Do not come to a complete stop.

3. Re-accelerate to 60 mph speed and repeat the deceleration process an additional seven times.

4. Cruise your motorcycle at riding speed to cool the brakes for five minutes after the last deceleration process. Consider performing a second series of brake bedding maneuvers after the brakes have completely cooled, especially with performance brakes.