Build A 1080p Hd Projector

A small image projector.

Building your own HD projector is not an easy task. However, it can be a lot cheaper than purchasing a brand new one. With plywood, you can construct a small box that surrounds the 1080P projector where it displays a powerful video footage from a television set, cable box and DVD player. A 1080P projector is a high-quality device that delivers six-color processing technology, displaying natural images with precision and consistency.



1. Determine the height of your television display monitor. Measure just the screen monitor, not necessarily the frame. Decide on a size for the box frame, which you will construct out of plywood.

2. Using a drill saw, cut six 1 ½-foot by 45-inch rectangular pieces from the plywood. Make sure they are as wide and high as the television screen. Spray paint each frame and allow each to dry. Construct the six plywood pieces into a box frame that has a single back and front opening. Use metal screws or glue to connect the edges, then ensure each wood piece is secure.

3. Drill a circular 5-inch hole within the section of the plywood where you want the 1080P projector, to display outward its imaging. Utilize a cylinder tube and place it within the 5-inch circular hole. The cylinder tube will protrude outward from the box, and focus the projector’s TV and video images onto an area surface, such as a white wall. Additionally, drill a 17-cm in diameter hole opening for the power cord to exit the enclosure.

4. Place the LCD projector within the black colored box. You want the plywood box to completely cover the projector. Every speck of light in the television set needs to travel through the box. You want to follow up by applying sufficient duct tape to the joint edges. Create a lightweight but snug seal around the exterior.

5. Position a single halogen light bulb at the back of the box frame. You want the halogen bulb to be secured onto the wall of the plywood, utilize two or three screws and a screwdriver to fasten the halogen bulb onto the inside plywood wall. Make sure it is tight to ensure it does not move around.

6. Remove the casing and the backlight of the LCD panel and halogen light bulb to increase the lights’ output. Ensure that any circuit boards or wires (cables) are out of the way — so that they will not cast a shadow across the display screen while the system is operating.

7. Set up two ½-feet-long computer fans near the center core of the box. They must be placed on opposite ends from one another, with one acting as a strong intake fan, and the other working as a helpful exhaust. The 12-volt AC adapter can be used to energize the fans, run the wiring through the same hole as the halogen’s light. Consider using adhesive, such as “hot glue,” to keep cable wires from cluttering the box.

8. Make accessible a wall structure in your home. Cover up the wall fully using ordinary white sheets or linens. Stretch out the sheets against the wall. Turn on the 1080P HD projector and aim the box toward the wall adjust the box (forward or backwards) until the video image is clear.