Build A Bear Wardrobe

Dress your bear for holidays and special occasions.

Part of the fun of having a teddy bear is dressing her in outfits to suit any occasion. Whether you’re shopping at a Build-A-Bear Workshop store, or simply want to collect clothing and accessories for your own special bear, building a wardrobe starts with the basics, much like our own wardrobes. From there, you’ll discover the best places to look to expand your collection.


1. Decide the gender of your bear. As you shop for clothing and accessories, you’ll find some are only appropriate for a male or female bear.

2. Follow a theme. If your theme is seasonal, you may be interested in an ice skating or Santa outfit in winter, or a beach or patriotic look in summer. Other themes include characters, universities, military, sports, weddings and Disney. Although Build-A-Bear furry friends range from 13 to 18 inches, many of the outfits fit most animals.

3. Accessorize your first outfit. If shopping at Build-A-Bear, you can choose undergarments, footwear, outerwear, headwear, purses and sunglasses. Accessories made for a particular outfit may be displayed nearby, but they can also be found throughout the store. Remember to include the basics. If your bear is still a baby, don’t forget diapers, booties and bonnets.

4. Build outfits for other seasons. Chances are you’ll want to display your bear in something appropriate for the weather and time of year. Building your collection will result in a well-rounded bear wardrobe.

5. Shop around. Don’t limit yourself to the Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. There are many other places to buy pieces for a bear wardrobe. Measure your bear to determine clothing size, then browse at toy stores, infant departments, pet stores or online. If you’re feeling crafty, you may also shop for bear clothing patterns at sewing and hobby stores, which will allow you to design and build your own bear wardrobe cost-effectively.