Build A Harleydavidson Bear

Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer located in the United States. Harley-Davidson riders often wear t-shirts and hats adorned with Harley-Davidson‘s logo. Customizing teddy bears with clothing has become popular, so it is not a surprise that teddy bears can be built with Harley-Davidson gear that you can find in all sorts of places.


1. Determine what size you want your Harley-Davidson bear to be.

2. Buy a plush bear. A few sites to check out are Huggable Teddy Bears, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Free Bears.

3. Buy a teddy bear-sized Harley-Davidson shirt. Baby clothes will work. You can buy Harley-Davidson baby clothes at Crab Apple Kids, Adventure Harley-Davidson and Real Biker Shirts. Once you buy the clothes, place them on your bear.

4. Put a bandanna or hat on your bear. Many Harley-Davidson fanatics wear hats or bandannas adorned with the logo. To find bear-sized hats and bandannas, try Hot Leathers, JC Whitney and Biker Headwear.