Build An Hd Dvr With Your Pc

Build an HD DVR With Your PC

A high-definition digital video recorder (HD DVR) records the content from an HD cable or satellite receiver and stores the information in an internal hard drive. However, you can not copy the contents onto a computer. If you want to place the video content onto your computer, you need to set up an HD DVR inside your computer. This is possible, using specific hardware.


1. Install an HD video capture card into your computer. You can either obtain an internal or external card from most computer or electronic stores. An internal card more likely runs more smoothly because an external card relies on a USB cable to stream all of the HD content to the computer. To install the card, power down the system, remove all the cables and open up the computer tower. Insert the card into one of the available PCI card slots on the mother board (the large computer chip), then close up the tower and connect all the cables back to the computer.

2. Install the drivers and software that accompanied the hardware. The driver tells the computer run the hardware, while the software allows you to use the hardware.

3. Connect an HDMI cable to the HD cable/satellite receiver’s HDMI port. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the video tuner card.

4. Launch the TV viewing software installed on your computer and power on the receiver box. Adjust the programming with the receiver’s remote control.

5. Select the program you want to record and press the “Record” button in the software. The exact location of this varies, however it is typically in bright red font and often is just a red circle in the program. When you want to stop the recording press the “Record” button again.