Build An Hd Projector

You can save money by building your own HD projector.

What better way to enhance to your TV and movie viewing experience than to watch TV on a huge projector screen? With a projector screen, you can make the most of your HDTV. Even if your HDTV has a small monitor, you can turn it into a huge screen that covers a portion of your wall. TV projectors are very expensive, but you can save yourself some money by making your own. It’s not easy and it may require several attempts and an extra set of hands, but it’s a good alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a projector.


1. Unscrew the glass from the HDTV monitor. Gently pry the glass loose. This is where the extra set of hands comes in, as it will likely take two people to complete this task.

2. Cut the cork into four pieces. Cut a small slit in each piece. Carefully wedge the four pieces onto the edges of the TV screen. This will create a buffer between the monitor and the projector and keep the TV screen from overheating.

3. Place a fan a few feet away from the overhead projector. This will help with air circulation and keep the monitor and projector from overheating. You will know if they are overheating because they will shut off.

4. Place the monitor on top of the projector, as if it were an overhead transparency. Double-check to make sure that the cork pieces you placed on the monitor earlier are preventing the monitor from touching the projector.

5. Plug the monitor into an extension cord. Do the same with the projector, then plug the extension cord into a wall outlet. The extension cord is necessary because the monitor and projector will likely have cords with different lengths; for this reason, it may be difficult or impossible to place the monitor on top of the projector without an extension cord.