Build Choppers

Choppers are everywhere now. You see them on the road, at shows and on television channels such as Discovery and TLC. Everyone is learning build choppers, and with the kits available now it’s becoming easier to build your own instead of having to pay a professional to do it for you. Follow these steps to learn build a chopper and you’ll be riding in no time.


1. Purchase a chopper kit online. Some recommended places are and Remember that you purchase the kit exactly as is. You cannot switch out parts.

2. Clear out your garage of everything including the car. You will need a lot of space to build your chopper. You will need a large table or countertop to store loose parts that can easily become lost.

3. Invest in a lift. It will make it much easier to work on your chopper with a lift then at ground level. If you are going to be building choppers often then this is highly recommended. The lift can also come in handy for other projects.

4. Read the instructions multiple times to make sure you understand what you need to do, what the names of the parts are and what type of specific tools you may need as well. You can also buy DVDs on put a chopper kit together. This will make the build a lot easier for you.

5. Build your chopper by following the instructions step by step. If you get stuck then refer to the instructions or DVDs again before you proceed.

6. Buy the exhaust, seat and other accessories that you need for your chopper. Install the accessories.

7. Paint the chopper to fit your personality. This is where you can really customize your chopper to stand out from the others.