Build Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Modify your motorcycle’s exhaust pipes to fit your personal style.

Motorcycles, as with most cars, generally come with a factory stock exhaust system. However, you may eventually decide you want to customize your motorbike’s exhaust pipes to reflect your own personal style. To do this, you will need specialized tools, such as pipe and steel benders, and even chrome plating, if desired. With diligence and careful planning, you can bend and modify your motorcycle exhaust pipes into something that is all your own.


1. Measure your bike from the head pipe connection to the foot pegs. Then measure from foot pegs to the rear. Use these measurements to sketch a basic shape for your exhaust.

2. Determine how many welds you must make and purchase these tubes for the exhaust. Measure the outside edge of each side; take the larger one and add a foot or so. You are better off with more tubing than less, as extra can be disposed of later.

3. Mark the location of the head pipe where you wish to bend the exhaust. Allow for an extra 6 inches so you can fit the tube in the bender.

4. Heat and bend each pipe quickly. Be careful not to over-bend, as you do not want it to bend backward. Also, add heat shields to protect your motorcycle after any drastic changes. These shields can also be custom designed to blend in with your new pipes.

5. Attach the muffler by sliding it onto your pipes. Attach any extra hardware for the exhaust system, if desired.