Build Digital Cars Online

Build your own car online.

If you don’t have the luxury of going out to buy your own dream car at the moment, some services allow you to build one online. You can add the finished picture to a bulletin board for motivation or to your computer screen saver as an image. You can also take the online car design to a dealership to see if you can have one built according to your concept.


1. Use the Red Custom Car Shop to build a digital car. This allows you to create a concept car, from hot rods to motorcycles, and is best for recreational use. Choose from a list of body styles and set custom exterior and interior options, including wheels and special accessories like body kits for the digital car. You need to have Shockwave plugin installed on your browser to use this free tool.

2. Use Aston Martin‘s website to build a car online. Choose a model to start the process–a browser-based tool will load. The tool allows you to modify the exterior (including car color, wheel type, and even brakes) as well as the interior (seat colors and hand drive options). This tool only works for Internet Explorer users and you may have to download additional plug-ins. Even if you don’t want an Aston Martin, this option will give you an idea of the various options for building a car digitally.

3. Use the Vehix Build a Car tool to create a car online. This option is ideal if you plan to actually purchase a car in the near future and want to build it in advance. Choose from a variety of real car models and choose the “Build this car” option. Choose the trim type, then a color for the car exterior and interior from manufacturer options. Check the type of rims you want for the car and additional options, such as rear spoilers and special seat stitching. When done you’re presented with a listing of your options and in some cases an image to view.