Build Exhaust Pipes For A Harleydavidson Motorcycle

The exhaust system on a motorcycle is one of the most noticeable aspects of a bike. Motorcyclists can change how their bike looks and sounds by changing the exhaust pipes. One way to customize your motorcycle is to build your own exhaust pipes.


Get Started

1. Create a design template for your exhaust pipes and outlet. You can draw the design on a sturdy piece of cardboard or template board. Make sure your template is the actual size you want your exhaust pipes.

2. Cut out the design from the template.

3. Secure the template to the motorcycle for a trial fit. This will allow you to see how your design will look on the motorcycle.

4. Modify the template as desired before proceeding.

5. Measure the length from the engine block to the first bend in your template.

6. Mark the measurement onto your exhaust pipe.

7. Repeat process as needed by measuring from the edge of one bend to the beginning of the next bend. Mark the measurements on your exhaust pipe for each bend you plan to make.

Bending the Pipe

8. Place the pipe into a pipe or tube bender at the point of your first mark.

9. Bend the pipe to match template. Make small adjustments to the pipe as needed.

10. Repeat the process for each additional bend.