Build Your Own Hd Dvd Recorder With A Hard Drive

You can record your own HDTV broadcasts without paying expensive cable or satellite fees provided you can receive a standard UHF signal from your house. The broadcast signal is free provided you can find a way to capture it. You can build your own recorder for the price of most mid-sized HDTV units, saving a bundle in monthly fees. Read on to learn build your own HD DVD recorder with a hard drive.


1. Install an UHF outdoor antenna, the taller the better (the directions will be supplied by the manufacturer). Some antennas are small enough to be installed inside your attic. Make sure to add a power surge block to the lead in cable and to properly ground your antenna if you install on the outside of your house.

2. Route the cable from the antenna to a signal splitter. Connect one cable to the co-axial input of your TV and the other to the your computer HDTV Tuner which will output the HD signal to your computer. Set your TV display to full pixel to receive the best signal.

3. Connect the DVI interface on the DVI to HDMI cable to your Mac mini. Connect the HDMI jack to your TV’s HDMI input port. Once the connection is made, your Mac will automatically recognize that it is connected to a television.

4. Launch the tuner software. Select the shows you want to record from the schedule. Put your computer to sleep and your computer will wake up to record them.