Burn An Hd Concert Onto A Dvd

The numbers “0” and “1” make the digitized concert a high-definition experience.

You’re so pumped about the concert you have just recorded in high-definition that you can’t wait to put it on a DVD. First, you need to convert the memory-heavy Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format used by your video camera to a space-wise video code for home display. Second, you need to use computer software to burn the concert video to disc. Software for computer does the trick in both steps, and such programs are available for free download.


Offloading and Formatting Video

1. Once offloaded, your high-definition concert is subject to formatting and digital preservation.

Plug your camera into your computer’s USB port, and load the movie on to the hard disk. Be sure to save the file to a folder of your choice.

2. Download and install a video converter. AVS Video Converter works well, so use it this time.

3. Most videos are initially saved in AVI format.

Open to dialogue box and click on “Browse” to locate the video file (with an .avi extension) to convert. Highlight the file and it will appear in the “Input File Name” field of the software dialogue box.

4. Select the “To DVD” icon at the top of the dialogue box.

5. Click on the drop-down menu on the right side of the “Profile” field to select an MPEG-2 format that is appropriate to the region code of your DVD player (parameters are listed with the format on-screen).

6. Click on “Convert now.”

Burning Video to DVD

7. Free video conversion software is widely available for download.

Download and install disc burning software. AVS Disc Creator works well, so use it this time.

8. Click on “Burn DVD-Video Files.”

9. Click on “Add DVD-Video” button on the bottom, left-hand corner of the DVD-Video Files dialogue box.

10. Highlight (with a mouse click) your video on the hard drive, and click on “Add.”

11. A 4.7 GB DVD-R will hold two hours of MPEG video per disc.

Insert blank DVD-R to your disc drive.

12. Click on the “Start Burning!” button once you have confirmed that the length of the movie does not exceed the available space on the disc (indicated on the bar graph in blue).