Business Branding Strategies

Your brand is a primary way for customers to identify your business.

Your company’s brand plays an important role in determining how consumers identify your company and its products. A brand helps to differentiate your company from the competition as well as creates an image in the minds of customers and prospects. To develop the most effect brand possible, a few basic strategies can be employed.

Create a Distinctive Logo

According to, the more unique your logo is and the more frequently you use it in all of your business marketing and correspondence, the more quickly it will become associated with your business. An effective brand serves to identify your business with just a quick look. For example, most people immediately associated the sight of the “golden arches” with McDonald’s.

Develop a Catchy Slogan

A catchy slogan can help to reinforce your brand with consumers, which heightens its awareness. The use of snappy jingles or clever catchphrases have the ability to stick in people’s minds and are typically short and to the point. Examples of successful slogans include “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” and “You’re in good hands with Allstate.”

Make It Colorful

Colorful brands tend to stand out more, making them easier for the eye to catch. Colors can also give information about the type of product you’re selling. Again using McDonald’s as an example, the yellow of the arches makes their signs easy to see during day or night. In an era where environmental products have become pervasive, the color of green is typically associated with products that are eco-friendly.

Appeal to Emotion

In addition to the physical characteristics of a brand, your brand strategy should also create an emotional appeal that makes consumers want to use your product or service. Harley-Davidson motorcycles’ brand image appeals to people who want to get away from their normal lives and enjoy the freedom of the open road. TAG Body Spray’s brand image is about men’s desire to appeal to the opposite sex.

Accentuate the Positive

A brand strategy can also serve to demonstrate how your company or product is beneficial for the world in general. A company that uses environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes is helping to make the world a cleaner place, while a car that gets excellent gas mileage cuts down on the use of natural resources. Incorporating these types of features into your brand strategy helps to promote a positive image.