Buy 1 Stock

Many people collect shares of stock as art (scripophily) or as decorative curios. Some people give a share of stock to commemorate the birth of a child, a graduation or other important life event. A few of the most popular certificates for these purposes are those of the Walt Disney Company, Playboy, Google, Harley-Davidson and others that have attractive graphics. Some people don’t purchase single shares for the certificates; they are interested in accumulating investment positions on a dollar-cost-average basis through small purchases at regular intervals over time.


Your Choices When Buying Only a Single Share of Stock

1. If you don’t mind whose name is on the certificate, you can find very attractive antique stock certificates in antique stores, rare book stores and other places where you might find antique graphics.

2. If you are particular about whose name appears as the owner of the certificate, you may want to purchase it from your broker, have the certificate delivered and frame it yourself.

3. Many companies will sell you a single share of their common stock. This is called a direct purchase plan, and most large companies have this service available.

4. Some retailers specialize in displaying attractive stock certificates for you to choose from and will handle the purchase, registration and framing of the certificate.

5. If you care only about being able to invest a small amount of money on a regular basis and accumulating a position one share at a time, you should ask your broker or open an account at Sharebuilder, a company that specializes in small investments in stock.