Buy A Directv Hd Receiver

Buy a Directv HD Receiver

If you have DirecTV and want to see your shows in high definition, you must purchase an HD compatible receiver. The HD receiver decodes the satellite signal, allowing you to see sports, TV shows and movies in high definition. To get HD in your home, you must have an HD-ready television and satellite dish.

Purchase from DirecTV

You have two options when purchasing a high definition receiver. You can buy an HD receiver or an HD-DVR, which allows you to record your favorite shows and use DirecTV on demand. You can order a receiver through DirecTV’s website or call 800-531-5000. If you are a tenured customer with DirecTV, you may be eligible for equipment upgrades. Ask your representative if you qualify for an upgrade special. Purchasing new equipment will extend your agreement for two years.

Purchase from Third-Party Retailers

Purchasing an HD receiver from a retail store such as Best Buy or Costco may come with incentives like rebates or gift cards. You must have a KaKu satellite dish to receive HD programming. If you have HD receivers in your home, you already have a KaKu dish. If you do not have a KaKu installed, you must call DirecTV at 800-531-5000 to schedule a dish installation appointment. If you purchase a receiver, you will not be charged for the satellite dish, but as of 2010, DirecTV does charge an installation fee of $49.95 for dish installation.

Purchase Secondhand

If you are a current DirecTV customer, you can buy an HD receiver at a swap meet or online auction and set it up to use in your home. You must call DirecTV and order a new access card to activate the receiver. In 2010, an access card costs $20. If you buy a secondhand receiver, you must purchase a satellite dish and pay an installation fee if you do not have HD in your home. Note that you cannot open a new DirecTV account with a used receiver.