Buy A New York Car For California

You can buy a car in New York and move it to California.

To buy a car for California there are some more stringent requirements when it comes to emissions in the state. There is nothing stopping you from buying a car in New York and bringing it to California, but you should make sure to research the vehicle first to ensure it will be registered smoothly in the state.


1. Check the odometer reading to determine if it qualifies as a new car. California considers any car with 7,500 miles or less to be a new vehicle. This includes cars that have been previously registered if the car has the limited mileage on it.

2. Check the emissions label under the hood of the car. The label will let you know whether or not it lives up to the California emissions statute. Not all new vehicles are manufactured to be sold in California so this is an important step. It will clearly state “50-State/California Certified.”

3. Bring the car to the state and register the car. You can preregister the car from New York if it has not been previously registered. If it has been registered before you can wait to register it until it gets to California.