Buy A Panasonic Camcorder

You’ve researched camcorders and found that you like Panasonic best. Buying a Panasonic camcorder can be a rewarding experience, which will produce generations of memories on film. The first step in making your purchase is to narrow down the extensive list of Panasonic products. Are you a serious videographer, or do you want something casual? A little research will go a long way when you buy your first Panasonic camcorder.


1. Identify what you want in a camcorder. Will you be taping family events, such as weddings? Are you a student in a film class? Or do you need something to capture those everyday moments? With many Panasonic products to choose from, narrowing your search will be a big time-saver.

2. Visit Panasonic’s Web site to locate a Panasonic dealer near you. Once at the Web site, click the ‘buy products and parts’ and then ‘find a dealer/retail store.’

3. Visit electronic departments and camera stores that distribute Panasonic products and speak to knowledgeable representatives. What can they tell you about your specific products in mind?

4. Ask sales associates to allow you to hold the camcorder. If possible, tape footage around the store. This will give you a feel for how the camcorder works.

5. Accessorize. When you make your camcorder purchase, be sure to remember accessories that will improve your results. If you’re shooting weddings, look into a tripod.

6. Purchase the camcorder either at the store or online, depending on who has the best price. Save all packing materials and receipts in case you have to return it.