Buy A Sony Hd Z1 Camcorder

The Sony Z1 is a series of broadcast-quality, high-definition digital camcorders. The series is marketed to the “prosumer” niche–individuals who demand professional results from their equipment. These include wedding and documentary videographers. Buy a Sony Z1 by following these steps.


1. Learn about the Z1 series by visiting the Sony website for high-definition camcorders, which is linked below. Features, technical specifications and warranty information are listed for each Sony camcorder.

2. Locate the nearest dealer by clicking on the resources section of the Sony Web page for the particular Z1 you wish to buy. You can enter a ZIP Code and the distance in miles to the nearest dealer.

3. Call dealers to get price quotes so you have some comparisons. The Z1 series is a highly popular, expensive, professional camcorder that remains in high demand, so you are not likely to see significant price variations among dealers. There’s no incentive for them to offer deep discounts like you’ll see on consumer camcorders at big-box and online retailers.

4. Look for used Z1 camcorders online or ask retailers in your area about the availability of a used model.

5. Make sure the camcorder is insured by the seller if you have it shipped to your location and verify its condition before accepting delivery.