Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Dealer

Search dealers for the best deal.

If you are in the market for a used motorcycle, you have the option of purchasing from a private owner or a dealership. Dealerships are more likely to have a wide variety from which to choose, and some type of guarantee that the cycle will run properly. With lemon laws in effect if some states, and databases that keep track of wrecks, there isn’t much that a dealer can hide from you. Just look for the cycle you want and move on from there.


1. Search online for dealers in your area. Use or a more product specific site such as to look up those that sell used bikes. If it has a website, open it and checkout its inventory to see if it has something you want. This will save you unnecessary trips. Compare prices between similar motorcycles at the same dealership and between different dealerships to find the best deal for your money.

2. Look up the resale value of the motorcycle you want in Kelley Blue Book. This is based on condition, so you might need to go to the dealership and take a look at the bike first. Just tell the salesman that you are just looking, so you can avoid being pulled into a sale you are prepared for. Find the the wholesale value and retail value of the motorcycle. The wholesale value is the worth of the car, while the retail value is the reasonable price that it should be sold for.

3. Go back to the dealership and see if you can test drive it. Look it over again, and if you are unsure of your mechanical abilities, bring along someone who knows about cycles. Bring money to purchase the bike if you have it as well as your driver’s license, Social Security card and insurance information for the paperwork.

4. Talk with the salesman and give them a price you are willing to pay. Stand firm on your price for as long as you can to see if he caves first. If it is a no-haggle dealership, then you will not get it to come down, and you must be prepared when you show up, to pay what is listed on the motorcycle.

5. Fill out loan paperwork if you do not have the funds, and fill out purchase paperwork. Hand over your driver’s license, Social Security card and insurance information to them. This will help the dealership fill in some of the blanks on the form before you start filling them out, and it will need copies for the records.