Buy A Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters are not only functional to light cigarettes, candles or anything else but they are also a common collectible item. They are known to last and to have many styles that appeal to all types of purchasers.


1. Figure out what type of Zippo lighter you’re in the market for. They can be part of a collection as a gift for yourself or someone else and come in many colors and style options.

2. See what types of lighters the collection already has. You can try to complete a collection and buy what is missing or you can begin a whole new style collection.

3. Buy a Zippo lighter as a gift where you can choose from holiday options such as St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas or most other major holidays. Select a lighter with a plain cover if you want to have it engraved.

4. Select a style from options that suit the individual, such as Harley Davidson, military, vintage or urban. Choose straight silver or black as a more conservative option for individuals, or go with more colorful models that have graphic designs.

5. Choose a store that offers a variety and make sure they are truly Zippo brand lighters. It’s the name that carries the guarantee and warranty people come to expect.