Buy An Old Motorcycle

Old motorcycles are classic vehicles.

Motorcycles are motorized two-wheeled vehicles. The dangers that go with a motorcycle are much higher than a car because the rider does not have the protection of a roof if an accident occurs. Despite the dangers, many riders are interested in purchasing motorcycles for personal use, to rebuild and sell, or for a personal collection. Buying an old motorcycle is similar to buying a used motorcycle because it is purchased from a private owner or a used motorcycle dealership instead of a new dealership. The cost will vary depending on the specific bike, the condition of the bike and its age.


1. Decide how you will use the motorcycle. This will determine the best type of bike to purchase, based on how it is expected to perform. If the older bike is meant for repairing and fixing before selling for a profit, the type of bike you buy will not make much difference. Otherwise, consider the use of the bike before buying.

2. Set a spending limit. Old motorcycles, especially classic motorcycles, are often expensive. The better looking the motorcycle, the more expensive it becomes. Set a limit for spending to keep from buying a bike that costs too much.

3. Call local used motorcycle dealerships. Find out what is available. Old motorcycles are not always available at dealerships because they are not on the market often.

4. Look online. Online sources, such as eBay, will have motorcycles and other items for sale that are not available elsewhere. Look for the preferred bike online. See what it is selling for and where it is available.

5. Go to an auction. For classic vehicles like cars and motorcycles, an auction is one of the most likely places to look. Search out car auctions and attend if possible. Auctions have restored classic vehicles, so this will set limits on what is available and will cause your costs to rise. If you are planning to restore the motorcycle yourself, you would be better off avoiding the auctions.