Buy Cell Phones Wholesale

There is a plethora of cell phones to be found on the Internet at wholesale prices.

With all the bells and whistles that come along with being able to make a simple phone call, buying a cell phone can be very expensive. But there are secrets that most cell phone companies don’t want you to know about buying a really cool cell phone without spending your last dime. If you have a little patience and time, you can find the right cell phone at half the retail price.


Choose the Phone You Want

1. Cell-phone service provider websites are usually the best places to start when selecting a cell phone. If you already know what cell-phone service provider you want to go with, log on to their website and do a feature-by-feature comparison of the phones they offer. This way you can get exactly what you want instead of features that you likely will never use. Using the service provider website will also give you an idea of the retail price of your dream phone and how much you will be saving.

2. The next step is where the Internet connection, phone and maybe cash or credit card comes into play. Once you’ve chosen the phone you want, check out different web sites to see if your phone is available at a wholesale price.

The most common place to check is Craig’s List ( simply because you can find local people who have your phone for sale. Even if the phone is used, it is more than likely in good working condition and priced well below retail. Some posters will ask you to contact them via e-mail, but some are so eager to sell their phones that they will post their phone numbers for you to arrange a meeting. Just be sure to check out the phone before you pay and remember, you are under no obligation to buy the phone just because you arranged to meet the buyer.

If Craig’s List isn’t your scene, there are plenty of other wholesale cell-phone sites you can check out to find your dream phone. By using the search engine of your preference, you can be connected to multiple sites offering cheap phones that have been refurbished or traded in. You can even trade in your own old cell phone for a discounted phone. Just make sure that the phone you are choosing is unlocked so that you can get it activated.

Also, you may want to make sure the web site you are using has some sort of customer service number available before you enter your credit card number and personal information. You definitely don’t want to get stuck with any fraudulent situation, which could be more costly than buying a cell phone at retail price.

3. Get your phone activated. By buying your phone wholesale, you avoid the many stipulations cell-phone service providers throw at you with discounts for expensive phones attached to lengthy contracts. You don’t have to worry about mail-in rebates or not getting the phone you really want because the new-customer discount isn’t enough for you to afford the phone, or because you aren’t a new customer. All you have to do is walk in, select a plan and get your phone activated.