Buy Direct From Manufacturers And Get Cheap Products With Manufacturer Price Discounts

Buying from manufacturers is a great way to get bulk discounts. In order to buy direct from manufacturers, you will have to invest time in advance by researching manufacturers and suppliers. You can save substantial money if you buy direct form manufacturers – especially if you buy in large quantities.

Read the steps below to help you get started in buying direct from manufacturers and getting the best manufacturer discounts.


1. ** Find the manufacturer for your product **

The first thing you must do in order to buy direct from a manufacturer is to find out who the manufacturer is. Nowadays it is very easy to do this by searching through the internet. Using the internet, you can easily find out which companies manufacture a product you are interested in. From there you can find their contact information. You may also want to do additional research on the company. Use the internet to help you find out how big the company is, how long they have been around, what other types of products they sell, etc. This information will be useful as you try to get bulk discounts from this manufacturer.

2. ** Contact the manufacturer **

Next, you will want to contact the manufacturer. You can ask the manufacturer directly how much they charge for a certain product. Then ask if they can give you bulk discounts if you order over a certain amount. Find out from the company how many you will have to order in order to be considered a bulk order.

3. ** Find out from the manufacturer if it is possible to order in bulk **

Many manufacturers will not allow private people or even companies to buy their products directly through them. Sometimes they have an exclusivity agreement with a particular distributor and you will only be able to order through the distributor. If this is the case, find out who the distributor is and contact them directly.

4. ** Request a price list from the manufacturer **

If the manufacturer is willing to work with you, many manufacturers will have a price list listing the items available and what prices are available for which quantities. Ask the manufacturer to send you one either by email, fax or postal mail.

5. ** Get a contact name from the manufacturer **

Try to have a specific contact at the manufacturing company that you talk with. Sometimes different people in the company will give you different information. Sticking with one contact will help ensure that you don’t get thrown around between contacts. Befriending someone at the manufacturing company will also help you get good deals that may not be advertised to the general public.

6. ** Find others who are interested in ordering the product **

In order to get a bulk discount from manufacturers, you will probably have to order more products than you personally need. You can approach friends if the amount you need is only a few more than you need. For bulk orders that require large quantities, you will have to work harder. You can contact companies who may want to order the product, create a website on the net soliciting orders or use other sales techniques.

7. ** Request bulk discounts on a small sample order **

Some manufacturers will be willing to give you a bulk discount on a limited quantity if they see there is potential. You might not have the bulk order yet, but if you can convince the manufacturer that you will be promoting their product and project many sales in the future, they may give you bulk prices right away.