Buy Ford Parts


Ford is one of the three largest domestic automakers in the United States. Generally speaking, getting replacement parts for a Ford vehicle is fairly simple and quick. There are a few standard places to go to get these parts, you just need to make sure you identify the right part that needs replacing or you could have some problems with your Ford.


1. Determine your exact need. If you know what the problem is and are experienced you can just use your experience to troubleshoot down to the problem part. If you are not experienced with cars you will need help from a friend or possibly a Ford-certified mechanic.

2. Contact your closest Ford dealer. If you need to get a replacement part that is original equipment or you just want to make sure you have the right part, a Ford dealer will have a diagram of your car that can be referenced to determine the exact part.

3. Purchase the parts. You can order the parts from the Ford dealer or buy the parts from an auto parts store if it is a common piece of hardware. Auto parts stores carry parts made by third parties. These parts vary in quality and may not be exactly what Ford uses.

4. Look for parts online. There are many online websites that sell Ford parts (see Resources.) Some sites belong to independent auto parts companies and some are corporate auto parts stores. Other online parts stores may be an individual operation or a conglomeration of companies. When buying anything online be cautious and use common sense. Check out any company before you do business with them.

5. Contact a junk yard if you have an older model or rare Ford that new parts are not manufactured for anymore. A junk yard can also look to see if other junk yards across the country will have the part you need.