Buy Police Equipment

If you are a police officer, you are in need of numerous pieces of police equipment. Most officers carry a gun, mace, handcuffs, a baton and more. Certain items may be provided by your department, but others are the officer’s responsibility to purchase.


1. Get a list of the items that you need. If you are a new officer, it is likely that your department will provide you with this list during the hiring process. Read through the list to get an idea on how much equipment you need to purchase.

2. Ask other police officers for recommendations. Before you buy police equipment, ask fellow officers where they purchased their equipment.

3. Find the local police supply store. These retailers are statewide and carry all of the equipment that a police officer must carry while on duty. You need to show proper identification before entering these stores.

4. Place an order for the equipment that you need. Certain items, such as ammo and mace can be picked up right away. Other pieces of equipment must be specially ordered. This will be the case for uniforms and bullet proof vests.

5. Request police supply catalogs. Many mail-order companies, such as Galls, sell police equipment and supplies to the public through catalog orders. Certain items may have restrictions.