Buy Slingbox Accessories

If you want to watch your television on a laptop, smartphone or PDA while you’re out, you need a Slingbox. The cables for most installations are included with the Slingbox, but there are a couple of accessories that can make your Slingbox installation easier and more satisfying.


1. Know what type of television connection you have to connect to your Slingbox. For example, you may have basic cable, high definition television, a satellite connection or a cable box.

2. Purchase an HD Connect cable if you want to run HD equipment into your Slingbox PRO. This cable allows you to pass an HD-quality signal through your Slingbox and into your television.

3. Look at where you will plug in your Slingbox to your home network. Determine whether there’s a network connection near your video source or where you need to run new network cable. Buy a Slinglink Turbo if you don’t have a network connection near your Slingbox. The Slinglink Turbo allows you to use the electrical wiring in your house as a network connection. It eliminates the cost and hassle of running new network cable.

4. Go to the Slingbox Online Store to purchase either the HD Connect cable or the Slinglink Turbo. They’re also available at electronics retailers that carry the Slingbox.