Buy Sport Bikes Vs Cruisers

Sport bikes and cruisers are the two most popular types of consumer motorcycles available. They are vastly different and generally, one style is preferred over the other, though some motorcycle enthusiasts do appreciate both. Learn the difference between sport bikes and cruisers to find the best motorcycle for you.


1. Notice the basic body style differences. Sport bikes are designed to be more aerodynamic, making them faster, while cruisers are made to be more comfortable for longer and smoother rides.

2. Consider the materials involved in each style. The sport bike bodies are made of plastic or fiberglass pieces that cover all the engine and operational components. Cruisers likely have their engines more exposed and are made more from a steel frame and other metals.

3. Decide how you will use your motorcycle. If you are looking for a bike for long, leisurely rides that is easy to perform maintenance on and holds the charm of the classic motorcycle style, you want a cruiser. If you are looking for speed, performance, racing parts and a more modern approach, you want a sport bike.

4. Plan your budget. This should not only include the purchase of the motorcycle, but the continuing maintenance and after-market upgrades you may be interested in. Sport bikes tend to be more expensive in all these facets. Check with local dealers for accurate pricing on models you are interested in.