Buy The Best Motorcycle Boots At The Best Price

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Boots!

Unfortunately motorcycle boots are the least considered piece of protective equipment the new, or even experienced motorcycle rider wears. Often motorcycle riding boots are an afterthought, i’ve even seen some riders wear sneakers! I always say dress for the crash, not for the ride. A good pair of motorcycle boots can protect you AND be comfortable. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a new pair of motorcycle boots.


1. Decide on the type of Men’s motorcycle boot. You have standard, racing boots, short boots and even shoes.

Standard motorcycle boots go over the ankle and are often reinforced. They also provide protection from exhaust heat. You can wear these easily off the bike.

Race boots on the other hand are made specifically for racing and are difficult to walk, they are heavily armored over the impact areas.

Short boots are just that, short, they provide less protection from exhaust heat but are comfortable to wear off the bike

Motorcycle shoes are reinforced, but provide little protection and reinforcement. They’re comfortable, but not the best motorcycle riding boots out there.

2. Choose a pair of motorcycle riding boots that has good ankle protection, preferably reinforced. Good solid ankle protection can give you confidence, and extra strength in case your bike starts to tip on the road.

3. Some motorcycle boots have shifter pads, if you need this it’s a great feature to have. Get a pair of motorcycle boots with reinforced shifter pads, they’ll be more comfortable and last longer.

4. Make sure the heal and sole are top quality and reinforced. A good heal will give you stability and grip in all weather, a major consideration when coming to a stop in the rain, or over oil.

5. Motorcycle boots should be make of leather, for extra breath ability some Men’s motorcycle boots have ventilation areas made of Gortex. Consider well ventilated motorcycle riding boots for the summer months.

6. Make sure the impact areas are armored. Good quality motorcycle riding boots have Kevlar inserts around the ankle, heal and calf. I can’t stress enough the importance of proper protection, after all, that’s why you’re getting a pair of motorcycle riding boots.

7. Often overlooked, but definitely should be considered is the closing mechanism, is it Velcro, zipper, straps or laces? Good quality motorcycle boots will have a system to keep loose material away from moving parts.

8. Without a doubt choose motorcycle boots that are water resistant. It’s much more fun to ride when your feet are dry and well protected by a great pair of motorcycle riding boots.

9. When you’re ready to buy a great pair of Men’s motorcycle boots I’d suggest an online merchant. They’ll list all the important stats of the pair of motorcycle boots you’re interested in and, if they’re a reputable company like or LeatherUp they’ll allow you to exchange them for a different pair of motorcycle riding boots if they don’t fit perfectly.

10. Remember to read motorcycle boot reviews too, all shoes feel great in the store, but how about after an hour on the road. Read motorcycle boot reviews to see what others are saying about the Men’s motorcycle boot you are considering.