Buy The Sirius Sportster 3

The Sirius Sportster 3 is one of the newer versions of the Sportster line of satellite radios. This model has a sleeker designer and also comes with a less bulky dock to put in your vehicle. The Sportster 3 has more programmable options that are sure to make it a hit with Sirius subscribers.


1. Look for a sale on the Sportster 3. The Sportster line of Sirius radios has a tendency to go on sale very often. Check local stores for sales around the holidays and summer months.

2. Purchase the Sportster 3 from an online electronics dealer. You can get a good deal on the Sportster 3 anytime of year on Dogstar Radios and Beach Audio.

3. Opt for the extended protection plan. Most of the extended protection plans are very low cost, less than $30 for a 3-year period. These plans can help protect your investment.

4. Buy the Sirius universal home kit with the Sportster 3. The Sportster 3 is compatible with any of the Sirius universal docking kits.

5. Get the Sportster boombox as well. If you like listening to satellite radio through a boombox, then you should pick up the Sirius Universal Boombox.

6. Activate the Sportster 3 after you have installed it. Once you have installed the Sportster 3, call Sirius to activate the radio and go over subscription plans.