Buy Women’S Ski Apparel

When buying apparel for skiing, women should consider the gear’s warmth and durability.

The best way to buy the appropriate women’s ski apparel is to determine what kind of apparel will suit your needs, find a local retailer, and try on different sizes.

Determine What to Buy

When purchasing ski apparel, consider the quality of the fabric, water resistance or water-repellent quality, insulation ability, fit and ease of layering. Acquire warm, long underwear for the first base layer of your ski gear, purchase well-insulated tops and pants for your second layer and find the most wind and water-resistant apparel for your outermost layer. High-quality ski outerwear like parkas and jackets are lightweight and breathable, yet durable and warm. Finally, you will also need to purchase outwear accessories like gloves, goggles, scarves, hats and socks.

Apparel Features

Most ski apparel, including brands of boots, snow pants and jackets, come in nontraditional sizes. Before purchasing ski gear, you should visit a local store and try the clothing on to ensure that you have the best fit for being active on the slopes and layering for warmth. Apparel can also sport special features that may help your performance. Zippers on ski pants and jackets seal pockets for extra protection and make it easier to remove bulky clothing. Special flaps cover the zippers to keep wind from entering through the tiny cracks. Gaiters and cuffs keep snow from getting underneath your clothing through your arms or legs, and a jacket hood serves as extra protection on your head.

Locate a Retailer

Sporting goods stores across the country carry women’s ski apparel. Larger retailers like Sports Authority, Eastern Mountain Sports, REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods offer online shopping.